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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Login, Account, and General Website Questions
  • Finding the Right Service Provider
  • Booking and Management of Service Delivery
  • Payments and Fees
  • Deposit and Fees
  • Reviews and Post-Delivery Actions
Section A: Creating and Managing My Account
Q. How do I create an ArtRunners account?
A. Click Sign Up on the ArtRunners homepage and follow the instructions.
Q. How do I login to my ArtRunners account?
A. Enter your username and password on the ArtRunners login page.
Q. What personal information on my ArtRunners profile will the service providers have access to?
A. When requesting a quote, we will disclose the following information to the specific service provider: your category (i.e. gallery, collector, artist, etc.), your VAT number, your country, your previous ratings, recent reviews you’ve received, business size and your shipping preferences. Once you book a shipment, we will give that service provider your full contact details. This will allow them to contact you regarding your shipment and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Because these details will only be sent to the applicable service providers, feel free to send in as many inquiries as you would like.
Q. How do I update my account information?
A. To update information on your account, sign in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’. Then click accordingly and follow the instructions.
Q. How do I delete my account?
A. We are sorry to hear that you want to delete your ArtRunners account.
As it is free to use, why not keep your account active with a record of your artwork data, your previous shipping details, a record of your financials and the ArtRunners ratings you earned all in one place?
If you’re certain that you would like to delete your account, please email and we will delete your account immediately.
Q. Where can I change the website currency?
A. Click on Settings on the upper right corner of any page on the ArtRunners website followed by Preferences. Here you will find the Display Currency tab, where you can change your currency preference.

If you are unable to maintain your tier, you will not be downgraded within a calendar year.

Section B: Trust & Safety
Q. Can I trust ArtRunners?

A. Trust is very important in the world of Fine Art shipping; therefore we make great efforts to ensure that you, your information, and your artwork are in good hands at every step of the process. We guarantee that the following security measures are taken for you:

Our review system: We provide independent ratings in order to guarantee exemplary services and ask all our clients to review the service providers they used upon completing their booking. No one outside the ArtRunners platform is able to post any comments or reviews.

Our service provider verification process: As part of the configuration for our Fine Art Logistics Service Providers, we use a rigorous internal vetting system to verify each applicant’s experience and expertise. We assess areas such as experience in fine art shipping, accreditation within the art community, insurance capabilities, security protocol, network coverage, and service level. Only applicants that meet these criteria will be able to register and submit estimates on our platform. This extensive process ensures that you will find the service provider best suitable to your needs.

ArtRunners has three different sub networks protected by firewalls: public, private and data. Public is the DMZ where only load balancers are exposed to the Internet. Private is the application servers network (not accessible from the internet but only from the load balancers). Data is where the database resides behind an additional firewall and is accessible from the application servers only.

The load balancers are also SSL terminators as all traffic to our site is via a secured channel.

Q. Is paying through ArtRunners safe?
A. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our payment method is as secure as possible. The service providers operating via the ArtRunners platform are asked to answer a set of questions related to the legal obligations set out by our third party payment provider, an electronic money issuer, and are legally binding as part of the AML.
Q. How do I recover a lost password?
A. Our Identity management system provides a “forgot password” link where you can recover your password using a callback email verification. In addition, we have a ”two step email verification” to ensure a safe login.
Section C: General Website Questions
Q. What is special about ArtRunners and why should I use it?
A. As an independent platform, keen on changing the logistics industry dynamic, we are dedicated to proving quality-driven and exceptional experiences that ensure efficiency, reliability and security. At ArtRunners we understand that each request is unique. Therefore we put in the effort to make sure your artwork recieves the customized care it deserves, including a historical analysis of our service providers, their transactions, service level, experience in handling specific artists and works, client ratings, and other qualifying factors before they submit a suitable quote.
Q. Does your service include insurance?
A. Currently, only transit insurance is available on our site. If you would like to have it included in your quote, please mark yes under insurance.
Q. Is it possible to ship to/from any country?
A. In the current beta stage of ArtRunners, we aim to start with a minimum of two local shippers, which covers both short and long distances. To date, we have a substantial number of service providers able to provide quotes for the entirety of Europe and North America. Other regions are available for shipment as well but we cannot guarantee that you will receive two or more quotes for those regions yet.
Q. What kind of artworks do you ship?
A. There are no limitations – every kind of art is important to us!
Section A: The Request Form
Q. Why is the request form so extensive?
A. The different sections in the request form ensure that you include all necessary details and needed services so that our service providers can make their best and most competitive offer. We believe that an estimate can only be as good as the request it is based on. Even though our request form requires much of your time, it ensures that you will receive an accurate quote. We sincerely appreciate your contributions and patience.
Q. Will I be required to fill out the entire form each time I submit a request?
A. No, information such as your artwork data, contact details, and address book will be stored securely on the ArtRunners system for future request submissions.
Q. Is it possible to add important details that are not requested in the form?
A. Yes, at the end of your request form you will find space to add any additional information as well as special requests that you would like relayed to the service providers.
Q. Unsure of the weight/dimensions of the artwork?
A. We are aware that you won’t always know the weight and dimensions of the artwork that you are intending to ship. When you are prompted to enter this information for your shipment, simply enter your best guess. The service providers will generally be able to work out these details, especially if you have included a photo along with your estimate. In order to best communicate with the service providers please leave a note at the end of the item description allowing them to alleviate concerns.
We also advise that you chat with your chosen service provider before they pick up your artwork to avoid any misunderstandings.
Q. How can I add other services like de-installation, installation, packaging, and storage/disposal of packaging material if necessary?
A. After adding your artwork to your application, you will find several options for services below. Upon choosing any of these services, you will be prompted to enter additional information so that our service providers can create an estimate that meets your expectations. You will also be able to provide us with packaging details for your shipment.
Q. Can I save my request form for future use?
A. Yes! Simply press Save Draft on the lower right corner of your screen to store your request form in our system. This allows you to come back to it whenever you wish.
Section B: Receiving Quote Estimates
Q. Once I submit the request form, how long will it take for me to receive quotes?
A. Because the form provides you with the ability to set deadlines for quotes, the timing is up to you. Usually, it will take our service providers between several hours to three business days to submit their quote.
Q. Once I have received the quotes, how can I find the shipper that most suits my needs?
A. The default setting for sorting estimates in your bidding monitor is the best match for you. The ArtRunners algorithm takes aspects such as price, the service provider’s experience and level of service, as well as their rating into account when sorting your quotes.
Q. How do I know I am getting the best quotes?
A. The well established relationships that we have formed with a variety of service providers around the world ensure that you are getting the best and most competitive quotes available for your specific shipment.
Section C: Service Providers Information
Q. Who are the service providers that you work with and are they all qualified and specialized in Fine Art Logistics?
A. Our service providers are all Fine Art Logistics Service Providers with at least three years of experience. Some are industry leaders on a global level while others are independent providers. The service providers that ArtRunners work with are outstanding from different locations and specialties to ensure that you find the best match for each particular shipment. As part of the configuration of our Fine Art Logistics Service Providers, we conduct an internal verification process to confirm each applicant’s experience and expertise. For additional details of this process please refer to the section titled “Can I trust ArtRunners?”
Section D: Contacting the Service Providers
Q. Will I be able to contact the service provider with any questions or update requests?
A. Yes, you will be able to contact your service provider to discuss your shipment and make sure that everything goes according to plan.
Section A: Booking a Shipment
Q. Where can I find my booking details?
A. You can access your booking details at any time in your personal dashboard. While the project is considered a draft or a service provider has yet to be chosen, the booking will be considered Open. When the project is active and a service provider is working on the service delivery, it will be marked as Job In Progress. You will be able to access completed projects in your personal dashboard as well. Projects that have been cancelled can be retrieved in your archive folder.
Q. When is a service delivery considered complete and how does ArtRunners ensure successful delivery?
A. In order to ensure that you are satisfied with your chosen service provider prior to completing your payments, the Assurance fee (2nd 50% payment) will be held by our third party payment provider until they receive digital proof of delivery from the service provider. Following the receipt of proof of delivery, it will be your responsibility to make a claim in the event that the delivery is not received or is damage. This process ensures that your service provider will not receive full payment until they have completed the delivery.
Q. Why can my final invoice differ from the original estimate?
A. The final invoice balance may be either more or less than the booking fee that was originally agreed upon booking. This can be due to changes made to the request following your booking and/or unexpected costs added during the shipment, such as duties, taxes, customs, or additional services that the service provider was required to supply in order to successfully complete their task.
The Service Provider Service Fee is an estimate based on the information that you provided in your original request. Upon completion of services, you will be liable for the actual price, which may be higher than the initial estimate.
Section A: Paying for My Booking
Q. What payment methods do you offer?
A. We use the third party service provider, MANGOPAY, to process your payments and store your payment details. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can also pay via Sofort, Giropay, iDeal, PayLib, Bancontact/Mister Cash, and Przelewy24.
Q. How can I request a receipt for my booking?
A. You will receive a receipt from ArtRunners immediately after your payment is processed.
Q. What currencies do ArtRunners operate with?
A. ArtRunners online platform facilitates bookings between you and service providers who may prefer to pay and receive payments in different currencies, which will require foreign currency conversions to accommodate these differing preferences. Although the ArtRunners platform allows users to view the booking price in a number of currencies, the actual currencies available for users to make and receive payments may be limited, and may not include your preferred currency.
Please note that your payment company (i.e. your bank or card issuers) may impose a currency conversion fee on your payment if your card or bank account is set up in a currency that is different from the Booking Currency. Similarly, third-party payment processors may also impose a currency conversion fee. Art Runners is not privy to and does not control these conversion rates and fees.
Q. When do I pay?
A. Once you decide on a service provider and choose the quote that best fits your budget and needs, we will collect your payment before the shipment is picked up. Our third party payment provider will collect the full amount and hold 50% of the Service Provider Service Fee in escrow on your behalf. The first 50% of the payment will be released to your service provider upon booking. Our payment service provider will release the Assurance (remaining 50%) once the service provider has uploaded proof of delivery. Following the receipt of the proof of delivery, it will be your responsibility to make a claim in the event that the delivery is damaged or not received. This process ensures that your service provider will not be paid fully until they have successfully completed the delivery.
Q. When do I pay the booking fee and what other fees are included in the total price?
A. The booking fee will be included in the total price that you pay to the service provider and will be paid by you upon acceptance of a quote. The total price displayed on the site has the following components:
< Service Provider Service Fee – shipping fee, customs taxes (if via shipper), sales tax/VAT (if applicable), and insurance
< ArtRunners Service Fee – currently, only 3% credit card processing fees plus any applicable taxes and VAT.
Q. What is a payment guarantee?
A. When you decide to book a service with a service provider, you agree to pay the total price displayed on the ArtRunners site upfront. Upon booking we will immediately transfer 50% of the Service Provider Service Fee to the service provider. Our third party payment provider will hold the remaining 50% until the acceptance process is completed.
Section A: Rating
Q. How do I review the service providers?
A. Following the delivery of each shipment, you will be presented with a simple rating screen enabling you to share your experience with ArtRunners. This review will allow you to assess the service provider on a 1-5 star scale based on the following criteria: Object Care, Reliability, Communication, and Fair Quoting.
Q. What is the Importance of the reviews?
A. ArtRunners is not a mere price comparison site. We aim to provide quality information about our service providers including their experience and past performance ratings in an effort to help you find the best SP for your project. Apart from the information derived from our own research performed during the set-up process for each service provider, the ratings that you provide us with are the most valuable contributions to this process.
Q. When will I receive a tax invoice?
A. Following the completion of services by any service provider, you will receive a tax invoice for the amount incurred.
Section B: Disputes
Q. Why would a dispute occur?
A. A dispute may arise due to dissatisfaction with the service provided or discrepancies with the incurred cost of services.
Q. Who is liable for resolving a dispute?
A. In the event of a payment dispute, ArtRunners will do its best to help you manage the claim by providing you with documentation of your specific shipment. Once a service provider has submitted Proof of Delivery (POD), we must release their payment balance within 14 days, during which you will have the opportunity to make a claim. ArtRunners may attempt to contact you on behalf of the service provider regarding the refusal of payment and will try to help resolve the issue, however, ArtRunners is not responsible for any monetary disputes between you and the service provider. In the event that after 14 days a dispute is not resolved, Art Runners is obliged to pay the payment balance (not including the additional charges) to the service provider. Both you and the service provider will be responsible for resolving all monetary disputes, damage claims, breach of contract claims, etc. outside of the platform.
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