Art Runners

“With a network of 12 galleries and countless art fairs to service, ArtRunners will simplify our complex logistics, enable our global expansion, reduce our costs and save us precious time. Who would say no to that?

Gilles Dyan, Chairman at Opera Gallery Group

“We support ArtRunners as we have a first hand understanding of how lacking the art world is of such a platform.

Serge Tiroche & Russ Deleon, Co-Founders of The Tiroche Deleon Collection

“THE best art logistics company in the world does not exist! Therefore you will never find it. But the good news are: There is the best art logistics company for your individual project or your individual transport. ArtRunners will help you to find it. DHL Arts is very proud to support ArtRunners in order to foster more transparency, efficiency and sustainability in the art logistics industry.”

Marcus Ashworth, Head of DHL Arts

“Despite the vast bandwidth of our services and long term experience, we sometimes meet requests that need a different range of services and skills. Our current solution is to give these clients the best advice possible – even if it means recommending a competitor. In a way this is the idea behind ArtRunners – so we are confident that market transparency will also promote and publicize our own abilities and qualities. In the end we can’t but win.”

Klaus Hillmann, Director at TANDEM

“We support ArtRunners as we believe that collaboration and technology will transform the way clients chose to ship their valuable items. We encourage this improvement and hope to play a significant part in this revolution.”

Tully Hedley, Chief Operating Officer at Hedley’s INC.

“We support ArtRunners as we have found that there is no solution out there that helps us in selecting the right service for our artwork. We trust in the magnificent team behind ArtRunners to build this solution for us”

Sylvain Levy, Co-Founder & Owner at DSL Collection

“Ocula has chosen to support Art Runners as we believe it’s a necessity for our online art platform to be able to supply its users with a range of accurate shipping estimates for prospective art purchases. It will also allow Ocula to offer partner galleries access to obtain estimates very easily and without replication of data. We look forward to offering this service.”

Simon Fisher, Co Founder & Managing Director at Ocula

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Bypassing conventional means of marketing outreach, our platform enables you to maximize your efforts internationally, differentiate yourself with our matching algorithm, and save time.

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